Deadlines are approaching!

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Many deadlines are approaching for college admissions(see below).  Also a few reminders- NBTHS staff has 30 days to write letters of recommendation from the date of the request.  ALL COLLEGE APPLICATIONS SHOULD BE FINALIZED BEFORE WINTER BREAK.

Early Decision deadline for many colleges is Nov. 1st.

Rutgers University’s preferred deadline is Nov. 1st, regular deadline is Dec. 1st Click RU Admissions

Financial Aid applications (FAFSA) is now open and should be completed by Dec. 1st Click FAFSA

Equal Opportunity Fund (EOF) is available for tuition assistance and support services for economically disadvantaged students. Click EOF 

Students interested in Rider University who apply by Nov. 21st will be included in the onsite admission day at NBTHS.

Conferences are next week on Oct. 26,27,28. Click here to make an appointment. 

The NBTHS Guidance Dept. Freshman/Sophomore Parent Meeting is at 5:30pm on     Oct. 27th in the auditorium 

Marking Period 1 ends Nov. 15th!